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WELCOME to the website of the Life + Sor.Ba project!


The purpose of the LIFE + Sorba project is to valorise the sources of the Bacchiglione river, one of the most important resurgent rivers in Europe, by restoring original habitats and by means of an environmental conversion occurring within the area, which until a few years ago was used as a fish-breeding site.

Situated within an area known as the "Bosco di Dueville", it is recognized as a Site of Community Importance (SCI IT 322040) and a Special Protection Area (SPA IT 322013). It is also an important example of the diversified environments typical of resurgence areas where abundant bodies of water and wetlands are formed. The Bacchiglione headwaters area, the first section of which is referred to as the 'Bacchiglioncello', is located in the Province of Vicenza on the border between the Municipalities of Dueville and Villaverla, at the point of confluence of the Bacchiglioncello river and the Timonchio watercourse.


The LIFE + SOR.BA. Project has now been completed.

The final conference relating to the Life + Sor.Ba.project was held in the 'barchessa' (rural structure typically adjoining Venetian villas) at Villa Caldogno on Thursday, 19 December 2013.

translated by Stefano Pastorello
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